Jan Schymik

Postdoctoral Researcher of Economics
Department of Economics
University of Mannheim
L 7, 3-5, 68161 Mannheim
Office 4.17
e-mail: jschymik 'at' mail.uni-manneim.de

Collaborative Research Center TR 224

Research interests
Organizational Economics, International Economics, Firm Dynamics

Curriculum Vitae
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Published Papers in International Journals

Foreign Competition and the Durability of U.S. Firm Investments
with Philippe Fromenteau and Jan Tscheke
[Abstract], [Media Coverage], [Working Paper Version]
forthcoming in the RAND Journal of Economics

Democratization, Contracts and Comparative Advantage
with Felix Samy Soliman
[Abstract], [Working Paper Version]
forthcoming in Economics Letters

Trade in Tasks and the Organization of Firms
with Dalia Marin and Alexander Tarasov
[Abstract], [Data and Code], [Media Coverage], [Working Paper Version]
European Economic Review, Vol. 107, p. 99-132, Aug. 2018

Globalization and the Evolution of Corporate Governance
[Abstract], [Data and Code] [Media Coverage], [Working Paper Version]
European Economic Review, Vol. 102, p. 39-61, Feb. 2018.

Draft Research Papers

Trade-Induced Top Incomes: Financial Incentives and the International Division of Labor


- Organizational Economics Undergraduate Economics, University of Mannheim

- Firms in the Aggregate Economy M.Sc. Economics, University of Mannheim

- Topics in International Trade M.Sc. Economics, University of Munich